Why Email Marketing?

The benefits of email marketing are so incredible that if you were to spend five minutes ‘Google-researching’ them, the awesomeness might just make your head explode. So, to make it all a little less life-threatening, here are cliff notes:

It won’t break your piggybank

Email marketing outperforms every other marketing method in terms of cost to benefit ratio (aside from paid-keyword marketing on Google). Get in touch with us to discover just how much money you can save.

Communicate more often

Because it’s affordable you can chat with your customers as much as you want to. New product or services? Sale coming up? How many coffees you’ve had this morning? Anything you want your customers to know, you can, because it’s just that affordable. View our pricing.

It’s quick

Most campaigns take weeks to conceptualise, design, prepare and send… and then you have to wait weeks to find out how well it worked. You are able to design and send a campaign in a few hours. Signup to see how.

It’s measurable

No more guessing as to how well your campaign performed. With our awesome online reporting dashboard, you can check out your campaign success in real time. Be in the know regarding your campaign related sales, conversions and return on investment.

Grow your audience

Not only can you monitor the success of your campaign, but our online reporting tool tells you who clicked what and when and what they liked the most. Armed with this information, you can plan your next campaign to cater to their likes and dislikes and improve customer retention.

Spread the love

It’s impossible to send a TV ad to a friend, but an email is another story. If a customer likes what you have to say, they can pass it onto a buddy with the click of a button. Instant new customer, just add email. With the MyList template gallery and template designer, no one will be able to resist clicking on your email.